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About Us

Our Gym

Ultimate Fit is not just a gym. It is an extension of our dream to transform lives through the power of physical fitness, strength and beauty. This philosophy is demonstrated through the devotion of each and every trainer. They are not only selected for their passion, but also for their knowledge of what it takes to help people (like you) reach their goals.

Let’s face it, if you knew how to reach your fitness goals, you would already be there. We believe everyone needs help from someone who has already walked their path. You don’t wake up one morning and suddenly know how to build physical strength, sculpt a beautiful body and know exactly what to eat.

Allow the Ultimate Fit team to create the perfect plan for you.

We created Ultimate Fit to move away from the impersonal “franchise gyms”. We are not here to sell you mugs, tee shirts and smoothies. We’re here to make your health goals a reality!

Fitness Consultation

Your initial visit to the gym will include some brief paperwork, a conversation about your goals, and a movement evaluation. Your coach will design the ideal program to get you on your way to meeting your fitness goals.

One-on-one training

This is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Personalized, one-on-one training is fantastic for breaking through any barriers you might have about health, wellness, and your ability to achieve a fit body at any age.

At-home workout plan

As part of your complete health transformation we provide the right types of movement and exercises to do while at home or “on the go!”


At Ultimate Fit we take into account your age, past injuries, and overall abilities. Your personalized plan will be tailored to you.


Group training

Our trainers also conduct group training sessions where you will be motivated by a team of others all with the same goals. Being in a group of like-minded enthusiasts will strengthen your determination to reach your goals.

Custom nutrition planning

Having a healthy eating plan can be life-changing. Your personal trainer will provide you with an appropriate nutritional plan to keep you on track throughout your week.

Unique approach

Many people have tried and failed so many times that they don’t want to get “back in the saddle” again. Read what some of our clients have to say about our unique approach.